The Best Colour Palettes To Choose For Your Kitchen

We all know that there are many colour schemes, (and we all have preference), there are an infinite number of shades, tones and hues to choose from. A colour scheme is not only defined by the colours you choose for your walls, floors and kitchen cabinets, the accent colours could determine your colour scheme  – this could include your pot plants or the colour of your kettle. Things like this can make (or break) the cohesion in your kitchen. 

In order to bring personality and style to your cooking space you must choose the perfect colour scheme to go with it. you might want to paint your cabinets in a vibrant hue or update that outdated island with an accent color, or you might want to add a colorful tile backsplash. Whether you choose for bold colours throughout your kitchen or even a small dose of color, choosing which colours can make a big impact.

We suggest when choosing colour palettes you look into:

  • Your cabinet colours

  • Your appliance colours e.g. kettle/toaster

  • Your countertops

  • Your flooring

  • Your wall colour

  • Your hardware colours e.g. taps/handles

Keep reading to find out what KF Kitchens think about what colour palettes you should choose for your kitchens. 

Navy and Gold

Navy is the new neutral when it comes to kitchens. Try accessorising with things like brass or gold light fixtures and a marble countertop to brighten the space. Try to avoid falling into all dark colours as this will become cliché with an all blue kitchen. We recommend trying to vary your colour palette here for example try combining the dark navy painted elements with some pale wood furniture — this could be chairs, or a cabinet.

Warm Grey

A neutral toned colour palette is always very understated. If keeping your cabinet colours neutral why not try a pop of accent colour in your decor or accessories for example you kettle or placemats in a bright yellow. This isn’t to say ‘go yellow mad’, but a few items that match in colour can make all of the difference. We suggest pairing light wood with neutral colours and keeping a light theme throughout.

Pure Black 

The pure black trend has picked up in recent years. Painting everything black is a good way to make the cabinets blend in with the wall, if you want everything to appear as one and not stick out. Balancing this dark statement colour with lighter grey countertops and brass hardware and lighting fixtures will not drown your kitchen in too much black.

White and Wood

There is one colour palette that will adapt to constantly changing trends and tastes. That is the white cabinets, wooden worktops and wooden flooring look. This color palette gives off that ‘effortlessly clean’ appearance. Natural materials and simple colors are a great feature to have in your home or kitchen as this will never become outdated as this is the typical kitchen that people have in their homes. Pairing with this style of kitchen is things like cream, neutral tones or even a pop of black or grey to add colour to your palette.

Silver and Grey

A huge trend due to Pinterest and Instagrammable worthy kitchens is the colours grey and silver with marble accents. And grey kitchens don’t look like they’re going out of trend anytime soon due to their popularity and their trendy neutral properties. Assisting grey is the endless appearance of marble countertops and accessories, this is the perfect complement.

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